Detect Operator

The following Operator converts the raster graphic to a vector graphic by calculating the available contours dependent on the currently processed image.


The following image visualizes an exemplary usage of the operators’ functionality:


Dockwidget functionalities

The dockwidget inherits the adaption of the detection process.
To specify the purpose of extraction, the retrieval can be selected by identifying the provided possibilities within the dropdown menu. The selection differs between All contours and Outer contours, which hides the detected contours within the object (e.g., recesses).

Multiple possibilities for further approximation are provided to improve the detection according to the requirements. The dropdown menu inherits None, SIMPLE, L1, and KCOS, which may positively affect the detection according to the needs. In addition, the level of simplification can be set between 0 and 100 to adapt the accuracy of the detection process individually.


For every detected contour, the appearance can be adapted. Including the color from the RGB color spectrum and the line-thickness are represented by a scrollbar, an input field, and a value range between 0 and 10 (The used unit is pixel).

As a safety requirement, the output behavior regarding the detected contours can be individually set. Setting the mentioned checkbox requires a manual confirmation to copy the contour(s) to the drawing Operator. Unset the checkbox directly forwards the changes to the drawing Operator automatically.

Toolbar functionalities

Currently, there is no unique toolbar for the Detect Operator available.