Mask Operator

The following Operator allows the cropping of the imported image to further focus on the required object and prevent possible interferences regarding the inaccuracy of the image (Contamination with additional and unnecessary pixel structures).


The following image visualizes an exemplary usage of the operators’ functionality:


Dockwidget functionalities

The dockwidget offers the possibility to crop the imported image depending on the overall provided image size. By moving the horizontal/vertical scrollbars, a red line occurs within the graphics view, which defines the ‘crop-level.’ Releasing the mouse activates the Operator’s function and crops the image.
For rough cropping, a number of pixels can directly be inserted into the necessary input field aligned to the scroll bars. Minor adaptions can be done by using the included Arrow keys next to the input field. This increases/decreases the amount of pixels ‘pixelwise’ (One pixel per click).

By toggling the On/Off Checkbox, the modifications of this Operator can be hidden for other upcoming operations.

Toolbar functionalities

Currently, there is no unique toolbar for the Mask Operator available.