Black - White Operator

The following Operator affects the black and white ratios within the image by applying a binary filter function. This operation can positively impact contour detection by excluding possible interferences within the image (Disguise of unnecessary pixel structures).


The following image visualizes an exemplary usage of the operators’ functionality:


Dockwidget functionalities

The dockwidget inherits the black and white ratio level adaption by changing the threshold of the process. The used scale from 0 to 255 can be adjusted by using the scrollbar for a dynamic approach and the input field on the right side by directly inserting the required intensity.
The necessary calculations will be done directly after defining the value, and the result is directly affecting the image’s appearance within the graphics view.

By toggling the On/Off Checkbox, the modifications of this Operator can be hidden for other upcoming operations.

Toolbar functionalities

Currently, there is no unique toolbar for the Black - White Operator available.