Export Operator

The following Operator allows the saving and export of the processed graphic. Supported file extensions are .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, as well as .dxf and .svg.


Dockwidget functionalities

The dockwidget provides a simple view of the graphic exporting process.
Especially for the DXF export, there is the possibility to select a colored export scheme. Within, the defined contour colors are transferred from an RGB color spectrum to a dxf color spectrum.

In addition, there is the opportunity to set the graphics scale factor directly within the export Operator dockwidget. For further information regarding the functionality, see the section User Interface.


A ‘save file’ dialog will be opened by clicking on the ‘Save’ button - Aligned to the standard windows file explorer. Within the dialog, the required export location and the file name are specified.

Toolbar functionalities

Currently, there is no unique toolbar for the Export Operator available.